The competitive fuel retail landscape in Ghana

Kalibrate's latest market study of Ghana provides unrivaled data on the fuel retail market.
The competitive fuel retail landscape in Ghana

The fuel retail market in Ghana is massively diverse. There are 112 different brands operating in the market — and 232 new sites currently under construction are soon to be brought into the mix.

But with so many emerging competitors, is there still room for growth?

Kalibrate’s latest market study of all fuel retail outlets in Ghana has revealed that of the 112 brands, only five have more than 2% outlet share. With no particular brands dominating in the region, there is a huge opportunity for a brand with the right strategy to become a leader in the market.

Ghana improve fuel retail strategies

Kalibrate’s 7 Elements for Fuel and Convenience Retail Success helps fuel retailers to understand — and maximize — the potential of their sites. A performance potential quadrant (PPQ) analysis can help you understand which of your sites need investment to help boost the profitability of your network.

After a comprehensive survey of the fuel retail landscape in Ghana, Kalibrate has identified 32 oil marketers that are under performing. Companies with high potential but low performance are the ideal candidates for acquisition. If you’re thinking of investing in Ghana, Kalibrate has the data you need to make dependable, well informed decisions for your business.

Ghana opportunities for fuel station acquisition

With 232 new sites under construction across the country, other brands are expanding their networks. Your competitors are growing. 85% of Ghana’s 3,499 gas stations are located in the south of the country. But what is the outlook in the rest of the country?

Where you choose to buy or build can have a huge impact on your success. Select the right location for your new fuel station to maximize performance and profitability.

Ghana expand your fuel retail network

Kalibrate can provide unrivaled data on the fuel retail market in Ghana. Providing the answers you need to help inform your strategy.

Whether you want to increase volume, gain margin, or execute your acquisition plan and expand your network— data can drive better decisions.

Kalibrate can help you understand the fuel retail environment in Ghana. For more information on the data or solutions available contact Claire today.


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