Q3 2022 Kalibrate Location Intelligence platform update

This release focused on recapture and cannibalization functionality, ad-hoc improvements, and cross shop in Competitive Insights.

We are very excited to reveal the Q3 2022 release of the Kalibrate Location Intelligence (KLI) platform. This release includes some exciting new features and datasets along with some quality-of-life improvements to existing features.

Recapture and cannibalization:

This feature adds the ability to model how much of a store’s sales are retained by existing sister stores and other locations in the network when a store closes. The Recapture functionality adds the ability to perform tasks such as mapping the results of recapture by geography or by store and detailing where a percentage of those sales are being recaptured.


location intelligence platform Location Intelligence platform


Ad-hoc improvements:

In order to make this as seamless of an experience for the user as possible, we have added the ability to symbolize and create thematic maps based on ad-hoc imports as far as simply dragging excel sheets onto the map.


Location intelligence platform import data Location intelligence platform


Cross shop in Competitive Insights:

In July 2022, we released an entirely new feature in Competitive Insights, Our mobility-based analytics solution integrates with Kalibrate Location Intelligence and empowers organizations with real-time insight into how their locations are performing relative to competitors and other retail categories. After communicating with our users, and receiving valuable product feedback, we have created a pipeline for continuous improvements to the product.


Cross shop analysis


The largest functionality coming to Competitive Insights in this release is the Cross Shop report. This report shows the percentage of overall devices from the subject site that went to other locations, and how far those locations were.

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