Reflections on ICSC 2024 in Las Vegas

Thanks to all who came to visit Kalibrate at this year's ICSC show in Las Vegas. Here's a few reflections on the events.

We had a fantastic time at the recent ICSC show in Las Vegas. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with clients face-to-face and gain valuable insights into their environments. Below, we’ve summarized just a few key themes.

Positive reception for Kalibrate Location Intelligence 2.0

Kalibrate Location Intelligence 2.0 received an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees. Clients were particularly excited about the new interface, which enhances user experience with its speed, and native AI functionality. We also had the chance to discuss migration plans and outline to clients of the comprehensive support we will provide during the transition from our legacy platforms.

Challenges in retail expansion

A common theme among discussions were challenges posed by ongoing retail expansion. Clients highlighted the limited availability of new shopping center space, making it increasingly difficult for tenants to secure affordable locations.

International growth considerations

We also engaged in conversations about the considerations for expanding beyond the US market. Clients showed great interest in how to effectively source international data and integrate it into Kalibrate Location Intelligence 2.0. We discussed strategies for leveraging global data sets and ensuring seamless functionality across different regions, which is crucial for successful international expansion.

Refreshing forecasting models

Many clients are currently refreshing their forecasting models as their business environments stabilize after a turbulent few years. These updates are essential for improving accuracy and adapting to the new market conditions. We shared insights on best practices for model refreshes and how Kalibrate’s advanced analytics can support this process, ensuring that clients can make well-informed decisions based on the most contemporary insight.

We look forward to leveraging these insights to further enhance our offerings and support our clients’ growth.

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