Securing success for Kalibrate clients

This article explores a vital part of Kalibrate’s team — Customer Success.

What is Customer Success?

Kalibrate’s Customer Success team was created to form a stronger partnership with its clients, to improve the way we engage, and improve the outcomes that we deliver. 

They are the people who assist our clients, understand their businesses, and help them to become more successful. The customer success team proactively guides clients, enabling them to maximize their investment potential. 

As a business partner, we want the client to feel the value that they’re getting from the software and our people, because when clients feel that value — they do better in their business.   

Why do we need a customer success team and how do they differ from support?

Customer Success vs. Customer Support? 

The Customer Success team and the Customer Support team are not to be confused with one another. Our Customer Support team is here to resolve technical support tickets. They have a vast amount of knowledge about Kalibrate’s software and work to KPI’s such as response time and resolution rate, to quickly resolve issues that help clients continue to operate smoothly.

The Customer Success team, on the other hand, works with clients to develop and grow their use of the software, with the ultimate aim of helping them to become more successful.

By building meaningful relationships with different users and stakeholders, the Customer Success team becomes an extension of client teams and can offer advice and assistance to drive better outcomes.

Their understanding of the nuances of different client businesses in different regions ensures they can always offer relevant and actionable guidance. 

Customer Success objectives  

The Customer Success team has clear objectives for our clients. By working in partnership we will: 

  • Develop, communicate, and maintain the success plans for each client 
  • Reduce time to value for the client 
  • Improve the customer experience  
  • Provide subject matter expertise for the client  

How are these objectives met?  

Every client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager for their Kalibrate software products, this manager will become the client’s go-to contact within Kalibrate. The Customer Success Manager is tasked with enabling our clients to achieve their aspirations for operational excellence using our tools. 

Beth Thompson, Global VP Customer Success explains: 

“Our objectives are to understand our customer’s perspective, to listen and support them, and ultimately make them feel about us the way we feel about them. It’s all about appropriately engaging with them to reduce their time to value and enabling them to be more successful in achieving their objectives. In doing this, great relationships between Kalibrate and its clients evolve naturally.”

The experience and knowledge that supports success

With most of the Customer Success team being recruited from within the industry they serve, they don’t just understand the industries clients are working in, they have walked in their shoes. They understand first-hand the challenges facing our clients and can draw on real, lived experiences to provide the best support possible.   

And with team members all over the globe, there is a Customer Success manager available who understands the unique circumstances of each geography. The Customer Success team allows clients to achieve greater success whilst using Kalibrate’s products, giving every business additional support to drive them towards their goals.

You can read more about Beth Thompson, and Kalibrate’s Customer Success team through the meet the team blog series.  

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