TrafficMetrix® in Ohio

Providing comprehensive traffic data with comprehensive coverage of Ohio. Reliable traffic intelligence including AADT, current year estimates and five year traffic projections.

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AADT traffic count data for cleveland Ohio

Accurate Ohio traffic data

Accurate data from actual published traffic counts is key to understanding traffic volume and movement throughout Ohio. Make informed decisions with comprehensive traffic data from TrafficMetrix®.

With complete coverage of Ohio, including: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and every other city and county in Ohio. TrafficMetrix® provides annual average daily traffic (AADT), Current Year Estimates, and Five Year Projections for the whole state. TrafficMetrix® allows business owners to make smart decisions with insightful location intelligence informing site selection in Ohio cities.

Available as a full state, metropolitan statistical area (MSA), County, or zip code, TrafficMetrix® traffic data is the source of consistent and reliable traffic count data for Ohio.

AADT traffic count data for cincinnati Ohio

A clear, current understanding of traffic flow in Ohio

TrafficMetrix® traffic count data is the most comprehensive, accurate, commercially available database of AADT (average annual daily traffic) counts in Ohio.

  • Multiple sources combine to provide accurate traffic counts. Including governments, transportation departments, and Kalibrate’s own field verifications 
  • Kalibrate’s TrafficMetrix® collects and consolidates raw data from multiple trusted sources, turning it into valuable traffic insights so you don’t have to 
  • Always accurate, the database is kept current through continuous updates
  • It provides AADT, average annual daily traffic counts for all road types from six-lane highways to small rural roads

Get traffic data for Ohio

TrafficMetrix® the best traffic data option for you if:

  • You need to analyze a full zip code or larger geography
  • You need credible data sources that aren’t restricted by small sample sizes
  • You have access to a GIS tool or want to work with raw traffic data*

*We work with a number of partners who provide TrafficMetrix® data as part of their wider GIS tools and platforms. If you require an analytics tool for your data, we can put you in touch with a suitable vendor.


What happens next?

Once you complete the form, we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote.

Your data can be provided as CSV, SHP, MapInfo, or DBF, via FTP. Ready for upload into any GIS tool.

For more information on how to use TrafficMetrix® data to it’s full advantage, watch the TrafficMetrix® now webinar 

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What will you get from your TrafficMetrix® data in Ohio

  • AADT for Ohio (Average Annual Daily Traffic)
  • Actual traffic counts collected from credible sources
  • Current year traffic estimates
  • 5 year traffic projections
  • OSM street attributes
  • An understanding of the impact of traffic on your analysis
  • Total confidence in frequently updated, field-verified traffic counts
  • Assistance provided by Kalibrate’s knowledgeable team
Traffic mapping USA

Full coverage of the US and Canada

It’s not just Ohio.

TrafficMetrix® provides AADT and published traffic counts for the whole of USA and Canada.

With full coverage, TrafficMetrix® can provide data for the whole of North America. Whether you need data for a whole country or a single postcode we can provide accurate traffic counts for dependable site selection and location analysis.

Request a sample of TrafficMetrix® or contact us today for all of your traffic data needs.

Why TrafficMetrix®?

After over 40 years working with traffic data, Kalibrate’s TrafficMetrix® is the most complete traffic data source for Ohio It is verified, accurate, and reliable, has wide reaching coverage, and is offered at competitive prices. Complete the form above to request traffic data for Ohio or contact us for more information.