Fuel compliance assurance checklist

Kalibrate’s actionable fuel price compliance checklist delivers peace of mind for your next audit.

Don’t take any risks with your pricing compliance.

Fuel retailers: it’s essential to know you’re making consistently sound pricing decisions, or see if there’s potential for enhancements.

If the fines aren’t enough to put your business in trouble, the reputational damage might be. This checklist delivers peace of mind for your next audit.

What's in the checklist?

This actionable checklist assesses and delivers peace of mind for your next audit, including:

  • Your pricing rules
  • Your data validation processes
  • Scope for automation
  • Proactive alerts

Complete each section and check your compliance with legislative regulations such as anti-trust laws, price gouging laws, or state of emergency policies. Failing can be a risky move for any fuel retail network.

“Kalibrate is fundamental in our pricing activity. We’re a lean organization, with only six employees in pricing, covering over 1,000 stations – so we wouldn’t be able to manage without Kalibrate’s automated pricing functionality.”

Tom Hatton, Pricing Manager